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The North Tower is all comprehensive offering luxurious homes and relaxing amenities that allow one to enjoy life even better.  With over 1,000 homes in this tower, every individual is granted a unique feel as well as a community environment that can be enjoyed. 

Though community, one doesn’t have to feel swamped by a large crowd of people in the facilities provided.  The designers of this magnificent knew this might happen and therefore spread out the services all over the entire tower to allow individuality. 

The amenities in the North Tower include:

The Deck – The North Tower has a first class deck that reflects a modern active living with its sleek and up-to-date equipment.  This area that many love to relax after work or during the weekend to unwind and refresh their mind and body.  Surrounded by pools of irresistible waters and lush green gardens is the well-designed deck that holds the:

  • Multi-purpose halls
  • Swimming pool and deck
  • Kid’s pool
  • Children’s play area
  • Landscaped gardens  

Ground Floor – Amaia Skies Shaw has a retail center commonly referred as STORES.  This area is reserved for stores that different stock items that appeal the sensibilities of today’s diverse consumer of the North Tower.  The retail center allows the residents to enjoy such great service right at their doorstep. 

Structured Parking Slots – The designer has put into consideration all the users of the North Tower.  The consumers who are not residents have to access the STORES and have their parking slots well-structured enough to accommodate as many as possible.  The residents have been provided with enough parking for each home.  On levels 2 to 4, the well-structured parking slots are marked and secured.

Water Supply – For a tall building such as this, it is essential to provide adequate water with good pumping pressure that will ensure even the top most house has enough water supply.  The North Tower can boast of their clean water supply that ensures even the residents of the 38th floor has flowing taps at all times.  

Drainage – The designers have put this area into such significant consideration ensuring the waste is set in a professional way that will not bring blockage at any point.  Each unit has its drainage uniquely designed to flow in a non-compromising way to the floor of the house.  

Electrical Power Supply – Proper electrical system is put in place using the highest quality gear to ensure the stability of power in use.  The developers have looked into the fine details of installing proper equipment to handle high voltages or upsurges of power to ensure everyone’s safety all the time.  

Amenities at the Deck:
  • Multi – purpose halls
  • Swimming Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Children's Play Area
  • Landscaped Gardens
Building Features
  • Main Lobby with individual mailboxes in each building.
  • Four elevators units per tower.
  • Emergency light in each unit.
  • Emergency power for common areas.
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